Welcome to Mr. Langenberger's World of Science.

building connections from the known to the unknown

Down the Rabbit Hole

Mr. Langenberger's Science Domain: The Brave New World of NGSS

Students personalize learning through connecting anchoring phenomena, content and experience.

Anchoring Phenomena

each conceputal unit of learning begins with an anchoring phenomenon

puzzling events or processes whose full explanation requires a wide range of science concepts to be coordinated through the assembly of evidence.
Where Science struggles to explain a phenomenon, there is an intuitive 7th grader.

What else is happening?
students demonstrate self-motivation, educational leadership & curiosity about the natural world

Socratic Debate

Students make a claim and gather evidence to debate each other on a variety of current topics.

Scientific Blog

Students submit one blog entry per trimester and comment on their peers.

Class Pet?

Our classroom is home to two Corn Snakes to help teach about responsible pet ownership.