7th Grade Class Trip

Cedar Creek Canoeing

The 7th Grade Field Trip takes students on a six mile journey through the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The duration of the student’s canoeing experience is approximately 1 ½ hours for an amateur paddler. Cedar Creek Campsite in Bayville, NJ is providing the canoes, paddles and life-jackets. It is an exciting opportunity for students to:

1. Experience a waterway used by early explorers to map southern New Jersey.
2. Observe the location of timber used to construct the original City of Philadelphia.
3. Study a unique ecosystem and its organisms.
4. Apply Newton’s Three Laws of Motion in navigating a watercraft.
5. Experience the Pine Barrens as a source of folklore.

To prepare for the trip, your child will need to follow the following guidelines:
1. A Bag Lunch ~ No Glass Please
2. Set of Dry Clothes (Optional)
Students will encounter water in this experience.
3. Electronics that may be damaged by water should be left at home.
4. Students should dress appropriately with shorts, t-shirt & water shoes or old sneakers.
No flip flops or bare feet.
5. In the event the canoe tips over, students should not have any items that are irreplaceable.
6. If the canoe tips, your child is responsible for their canoe, paddle and life-jacket.
7. Have a completed permission slip and check or cash in the amount of $45.00

Tentative Schedule:

8:30 – Depart Middle School South
9:00 – Arrive at Cedar Creek (Bathroom Opportunity)
9:30 – Begin Canoe Launch
10:00 – Last Canoe Launch
11:45 – Lunch at Cedar Creek Campground
12:30 – Leave Cedar Creek
1:30 – Return to Middle School South
2:00 – Dismissal

Once we arrive, your child will be required to wear a life-jacket. It is a New Jersey State Law. Students removing their life jackets will be transferred to an adult canoe for the remainder of the trip and face disciplinary action when we return to school. The trip will only be cancelled in the event of lightening; we will canoe if it is raining.

May 31, 2016/ Team 7-3
June 1, 2016/ Team 7-2
June 2, 2016 / Team 7-1

Cost – $45.00

This year, the 7th grade students at Middle School South have unique experience and opportunity, a canoe trip down a small, shallow waterway in southern New Jersey. Each canoe is manned by two students as they navigate their way through the Pine Barrens and explore as Cedar Creek. As with most Pine Barrens streams, the water of Cedar Creek is “tea colored” because of tannic acid from the roots of the cedars lining the river banks. Almost 89% of the Cedar Creek drainage area is forested land. Habitats of this waterway, typical to the Pine Barrens, include Atlantic white cedar swamps, bogs, pine and oak forests.

Safety is a #1 priority. We have at least 10 chaperons per team, divide the trip over three days with Team 7-3 first, 7-2, and finally 7-1. A nurse also accompanies each team. Students are required to wear life vests that are checked prior to water entry. If you are concerned, it may be helpful to visit the Cedar Creek Campground Website or use the map below and plan a Saturday trip to check out the location. It is about 20-30 minutes from Howell Middle School South. We do not want to deny any student this opportunity, so if for financial reasons your child cannot attend the trip, please see Mr. Langenberger and we may be able to decrease or eliminate the cost for your child.

This trip typically is chaperoned by all Memorial Staff. No parent volunteers are typically necessary, unless medically required.


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