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A blog provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking skills and to employ language and writing principles that demonstrate analytical thought and comprehension. Blogs also give students a platform from which creative risks can be taken. Peter Duffy & Dr. Axel Bruns
Benefits of Blogging

the promotion of critical and analytical thinking

Benefits of Blogging

increased access and exposure to quality content

Benefits of Blogging

solitary and social interactions with peers

Students will locate, read and analyze a current science news story. After reading, students will summarize the essential details infused with their thoughts and reflections on the topic.

See Schoology for the Current Rubric.

One submission per trimester is required along with commenting on another student post.

Remember, you are held responsible for the content of your post and comments. Disciplinary consequences may result from poor judgement.


Students identified as writing their article in a “cut and paste” manner will have the credit of the submission revoked. Students locating “cut and paste” articles will earn 10 points as a blog editor.

Blogging is a 21st Century Skill

(Information and Communication Technology) ICT proficiency is the ability to use digital technology, communication tools, and/or networks to define an information need, access, manage, integrate and evaluate information, create new information or knowledge and demonstrate the ability to communicate this information to others.